Moving Forward Parent Coaching

How Does Parent Coaching Work?

Parent coaching can be done in person or via phone or teleconference (ie Skype or Google Hangout).  The wonders of technology make it possible to coach someone  in another state or continent.  Sometimes parents opt to meet via phone/computer, even if they are in the same city.  This can avoid fighting with traffic and allows for coaching during naps or after bedtime.  However, there are definitely some advantages of coaching in person if and when that is feasible.

If you are interested in parent coaching, Mary offers a complimentary 20-30 minute in-person or phone session to determine if she will work well together with you and if you would benefit from parent coaching. She will explain the process of guiding the parent, helping them move from “surviving to thriving.”

If both parties are in agreement to proceed, you will be sent 2 documents via email:

  1. A coaching agreement to be signed and returned on or before the first coaching session
  2. An 2-page intake form to be filled out before the first session, if possible.

Sessions-Parents will agree to a minimum of 8 sessions.  Often coaching extends to 10-12 sessions.  Each session will be about 50 minutes long.

Within 48 hours after the session the client will receive a summary via email, including homework steps that were agreed upon.

Cost- Fees for coaching will be discussed during the complimentary session. A minimum of 4 session blocks must be paid in full before starting. Fees can be paid in cash (Dollars or Euros, by check or through Pay Pal.

Coaching Options:

 One Parent-Coaching is most often between the primary care-giving parent and coach.

Couple Coaching-Coaching with both parents is also an option and can be very effective and positive.  Parents are asked to fill out the intake form individually and then work together with the coach to find creative solutions to their current parenting challenges.  Fees are the same per session as with individual coaching.  Couples should commit to a minimum of 10 sessions.

Group coaching-This coaching format involves bringing 4-6 parents together for weekly/biweekly sessions for working as a group and with the coach regarding similar issues.  Each parent will share their current top challenges and also encourage other group members as each takes steps to find positive solutions.  Possible coaching groups could include:

  • New parents
  • Discipline issues
  • Moving adjustments
  • School issues
  • Sibling Challenges

These sessions are usually held in person, although it might be possible to use “Google Hangout” to meet virtually. Fees for group coaching are less than individual sessions and are available upon request.

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