Moving Forward Parent Coaching

About  Parent Coaching

What is Parent coaching?

Parent Coaching is a relationship between the coach and the parent or parents of a child.  The coach and the parent work together to understand the current family situation and challenges. The coach asks carefully crafted questions to help the parent see what is working and the strengths in their situation.  Together, the coach and parent will envision a better and more satisfying future and then design actions steps that will help the parent and child move closer to their “ideal.” The coach partners with the parent, to inspire, to  nudge, and encourage him/her as they take intentional steps toward their goals.  As the “dreams” start becoming reality, the coach is by the parent’s side to celebrate and continue to cheer them on.

Parents need to be aware that working with a parent coach is not a “quick fix.”  Usually the issues being addressed have been building for months or maybe even years.  So “moving forward” is not something that happens “overnight” or in a week or two.  Typically the coach and parent engage in weekly or bi-weekly sessions for 2-3 months.

Parents also need to know that working with a parent coach is not like being in a reality TV show where the “expert” comes in and observes the family’s dysfunction.  She then tells the parents all the things they’re doing wrong and what they should do differently.  Parent coaching is entirely different and much more positive.  However, parents do need to understand that working with a coach toward positive change takes intention and effort.  Be encouraged that the result will be SO worth the time and energy and money invested in parent coaching.

About "Moving Forward Parent Coaching" (Feeling stuck?)

The name “Moving Forward” was chosen to illustrate the positive potential of working with a parent coach.  All parents know that there are times when they feel “stuck.”  Maybe they’ve tried the same discipline strategy for months or years and it’s still not working, but they don’t have an alternative.  Maybe they're exhausted and stressed about parenting and some days don’t even care.  Maybe……the list could go on and on.  The point is that all parents have some days or even years when they feel stuck.  Whether they feel like their boots are stuck in the mud or that they are about to be swallowed by quicksand, parents need someone to come alongside and stand shoulder-to-shoulder together as they courageously make changes in themselves and in their parenting methods.  A parent coach can help them see their strengths, what they are doing right, and how small changes can make a big difference.  Working with a coach will encourage parents to “Move Forward” and find positive, practical solutions for them and their family.

Why might you want a parent coach?

All parents go through challenges while raising kids. That's a given!
Working with a parent coach is a very effective way to move forward and make parenting a much more fun and rewarding experience.  Situations when parent coaching can be helpful and advantageous are broad and varied, including:

  • Providing specific principles for controlling and managing media/technology and its influences.
  • Supporting you and your children through the transitions and challenges of moving.
  • Addressing sibling rivalry and discipline challenges, so you get more breathing room.
  • Helping overwhelmed new parents with all the changes a baby brings; supporting adoptive parents through the process; easing challenges for stepparents.
  • Acting as a sounding board and resource person for decisions that will greatly affect you and your child.
  • Assisting you with living your parenting priorities and reminding you to celebrate your successes.
  • Supporting you in your efforts and goals to take better care of yourself.
  • Assessing you and your spouse's parenting styles and showing you how to leverage the strengths of each of your styles to deal more effectively with your current parenting challenge.

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