Moving Forward Parent Coaching

About  the Coach

Mary Trego is an experienced parent who is passionate about helping others move from surviving to thriving.  She was raised and educated in Kansas and received a degree in Home Economics Education from Sterling College.  There she met her sweetheart and the two have been married since 1979.  In addition to their biological children – 3 daughters and 1 son – God put a place in their hearts for another child and they adopted a 6 year old son from Guatemala in 1995.

Mary experienced the “crazy-busy” life of raising five children in Kansas while also mentoring and providing guidance to other moms.  When her husband accepted a job in the Foreign Service in 1999, she also learned how to parent well through major life transitions.  As her husband has worked at U.S. embassies in Greece, Mexico, Ethiopia, South Africa and Italy, Mary has navigated the world of raising third-culture kids, meanwhile also mentoring fellow parents abroad.

With her children now successful adults, Mary has completed graduate studies at the Parent Coaching Institute and is now a PCI Certified Parent Coach®. She is passionate about encouraging and inspiring parents, both in the United States and around the world.

What is a PCI Certified Parent Coach®?

PCI Certified Parent Coaches® are caring, thoughtful professionals with years of experience working with parents. PCI Certified Parent Coaches® have successfully completed the Parent Coach Certification® Training Program™—a comprehensive academic one-year, graduate-level program in collaboration with Seattle Pacific University.

Through a series of coaching conversations, PCI Parent Coaches help you re-discover your dreams and design your life for more joy and satisfaction.

What Does a Parent Coach Do?

A PCI Certified Parent Coach® is a highly trained, caring professional with an in-depth background of education and experiences who:

  • listens deeply and non-judgmentally,
  • asks you questions you may not have been thinking about,
  • gives you new, relevant information for your particular parenting challenge, and
  • offers you specific suggestions to help you implement new attitudes and strategies in your life for yourself and for your children.

During the coaching conversations, a PCI Parent Coach helps you discover constructive ways to address a situation that may be causing you some concern, assists you in identifying your goals, and helps you with designing action steps to attain them.

A PCI Parent Coach encourages you to discover and address stresses and challenges that may be impacting you and your children, helping you evaluate the systems you have in place that are already supportive and then guiding you to tap into them more efficiently.

For more information about the Parent Coach Institute, now renamed Parent Coach International, go to:


It was really nice to spend time focusing on the positive things we are trying to do rather than just complaining about the challenges :) Mary was very warm and encouraging and able to re-frame challenging situations. It felt good to take time to try and be more mindful and purposeful about something that's so important to me.  JENNIFER

The parent coaching made me trust myself more as a parent. During one session, I realized that having a good relationship with my child is what will inform me as to my "gut instincts" regarding a specific child. Mary's calm and positive manner put me at ease. She can really be supportive, which is a huge strength. JANE

Mary was very patient and not judgmental in any way. This created a safe space for sharing my vulnerabilities and challenges as a parent., I'm happy that she helped me to focus on myself as well, for I am learning, if I don't take time for myself, I can't be good to anyone else. In a city like DC it may be hard to seek counsel from parent friends, as something as basic as raising children can get competitive. A parent coach removes those concerns and is a neutral third party that can help. It is also helpful to have an accountability partner as you raise your children. "M"

I feel like Mrs. Mary did a wonderful job coaching because it took both our minds and she also made me feel less stress because we were able to find better way to deal with life and kids. I would recommend parent coaching because it is always a good thing to have a helping hand and mind in the parenting world. JENN

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