Moving Forward Parent Coaching

Helping Parents Move from Surviving to Thriving!

  • Do you struggle to be the parent you want for your child?
  • Are you feeling stuck in your current parenting challenges?
  • Would you like to "Move Forward" and become a more competent and confident parent?

Moving Forward Parent Coaching is Your Answer!

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If you're an international expat with children, read on.........

Do any of these photos feel familiar?
Have you just experienced a move, maybe to a new country?

Mary and “Moving Forward Parent Coaching” specialize in families on the move, especially when moving internationally.  Having moved overseas with her children during their middle and high school years, she knows there are unique issues in raising TCKs (Third Culture Kids).  Also known as “global nomads” these children have some distinct advantages, as well as challenges as they move from country to country.  Working with a parent coach can provide support, encouragement and practical solutions to parents dealing with the challenges of raising these unique children.

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